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Crashing and Burning But Still Writing

Living life in the fast lane sometimes means you’re going to crash!  I’ve been recuperating from a car accident, reading and thinking, a dangerous combination.  It’s funny how important something you love becomes when you can’t do it.  I love writing; I leaned just how much on my enforced hiatus. 

Why writing?

It is the most basic form of connection that people who will never know each other, may never speak to each other, can use to bridge an entire continent.  Writing opens your eyes to different views and your mind to ideas you might never have encountered.  Sometimes a few words cobbled together in an expression or sentence can change your life.

Every writer hopes to have that kind of power, to hear his or her words repeated, to see them ripping across the Internet, touching and changing people’s lives at the speed of light.  Not many of us get that opportunity but if we keep writing, keep sending our words out into the universe, we may not shake the universe but we will touch some people, connect with strangers and make a difference in our world.

So whether it’s a short story, a tall tale or a novel, keep putting words on paper and keep reaching out.

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