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What’s in the future for 21st century hospitals?  How will the US compete with Canada for doctors and nurses?  Should hospitals apologize when an error is made?  All these topics and more are covered on AMN Healthcare’s site.  If there is an issue — old or new — facing the health care industry, you can find it in these articles and on their site.

Check out these recent articles.

What Every Nurse Needs To Know About Genetics …and where to find it

It started simply enough with one man’s curiosity and some peas.  Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, conducted breeding experiments with garden peas that led him to formulate the basic laws of heredity and give birth to the science of genetics.

The Future of 21st Century Medicine: It’s All In The Data

Put the terms “high-tech” and “healthcare” in the same sentence and visions of robots, gadgets and imaging technology pop into the collective imagination of many readers.  Whether it’s using proton-beam therapy, implanting LVADs in patients’ chests, or employing robots to perform surgery, the stuff of science fiction is becoming more commonplace in healthcare.

Creating Healing Environments Through Better Design

What if the place everyone expects will make them better actually makes them sick instead? And it’s not because of nosocomial infections.  There is a growing body of evidence that shows patients, as well as employees, can suffer ill effects from being in the hospital because of the building design itself.

Medicine By The Numbers: How Patient Data Can Help Put Family Back in Family Practice

Arriving late, missing appointments, pushing to see another doctor – these all seem like things that patients do.  Unfortunately, as the pool of family practice physicians continues to shrink and the volume of patients continues to grow, it’s physicians who are finding it harder to keep appointments and easier to bump patients to another day or another doctor.

Medical Response to Pakistan Flood

Flood waters finally started receding in early September but millions of Pakistanis are homeless; hundreds of thousands face disease and starvation.  The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (UNOCHA) estimates that 20 million people have been affected by the disaster.

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