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A Short Lesson in Perspective – The San Francisco Egotist

I am so tired I can’t remember what I ate last night.  I have no energy to do any of the things I know I love –  ride my horse, sew, plan my garden.  I want to sit and absorb hours of mindless television then take two Tylenol PM and go to sleep just to get up and do it again.

I am working again.  And I am doing it again – jumping into the job with both feet, trying to fix everything, manage all the moving bits, save the children and do battle for truth, light and the American way.

Did I mention that I’m tired?

So, I was trying to think what kind of message could I write here that would be uplifting, that would convey the importance of showing up, of being in the harness, of “….getting it done” while simultaneously saying…happy holidays, merry christmas, happy Chanukah, merry kwanzah…get a life.

And I was stuck.  Nothing, nada, no brilliant phrases, no unquenchable urge to write, to tell this story.  Then I read this article.  And I got it.  And I hope that this holiday present from Linds Redding fits you like it fit me.

I have to work, yes.  But I have to find and keep the boundaries that let me live, too.  Thank you Linds!  And happy holidays to you wherever you are now.

A Short Lesson in Perspective – The San Francisco Egotist.



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99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! « Pepperbox Couture

I rarely re post anything from any writer as I don’t want to abuse the writer or my readers….but

This is an unbelievable list of tips that really do make life easier, get use and re-use out of what could be considered junk and really, really work!

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! « Pepperbox Couture.

ps – don’t try to print it.  It’s 73 pages long.  Just pass it along!!

and Happy Holidays to everyone.


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