Horse World Expos Coming to Maryland & Pennsylvania!

January always brings Horse World Expo to the tri-state area starting with Maryland, January 21st through January 24th.  There is no where else in the horse world where you can pay $10 (Pennsylvania tickets are $12 per day) and get access to top riders, trainers and equine stars.  And did I mention that all events are held indoors in heated facilities?

This year’s lineup includes John Lyons, legendary horseman and trainer known around the world, Julie Goodnight, “The Horse Master” and host of an award-winning RFD-TV television show,  Scott Hansen, retired mounted police officer and top trainer in self defense for trail riders, Steuart Pittman, Jr. owner and rider of Salute The Truth, eventer and the driving force behind the “Retired Racehorse Training Project” and Colleen Kelly, who is one of the leading speakers on rider biomechanics.

Daily, flat-price tickets give you access to ALL the seminars, demonstrations and vendors on site.  There will be breed demonstrations, a whole section dedicated to stallions and vendors selling everything from run ins to electric fencing, in one place and in easy driving distance whether you are going to the Maryland show or the one in Pennsylvania.

The Horse World Expos in Maryland and Pennsylvania are an unbelievable bargain but if you want to pre-order tickets for Maryland, you better hurry.  Online ticket sales will close for Maryland on January 14th.  Pennsylvania online ticket sales are open until February 24th, the day before the show.

Oh, and if you want to see one of the top entertainment events in the country, get your tickets for Theatre Equus, A Musical Equine Revue, a professionally choreographed and scripted show with performers like Tommie Turvey, Jr and Stacy Westfall partnering with horses to perform remarkable feats of daring and beauty.  You have to get a separate ticket for this one but it will be worth it.

Horse World Expo is a horse lover’s paradise, a place to see top equestrians, meet legendary practitioners and meet your friends for a day of all things equine.  Check it out and get your tickets early!

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