Get A Good Cup Of Tea at a great price

The Brits may have been a poncy lot in 1776 and maybe they still are but they had/have one thing right…tea.  I start every morning and end every evening with a “cuppa.”

The weather this winter has me thinking about and enjoying my tea just a little bit more than usual.  Nothing like sitting at my desk, my fingers wrapped around a warm mug of tea, watching the sun rise and the snow, sleet and freezing rain fall.

A year ago, I would have bought my teas from another, fairly famous tea shoppe and web site but… when I lost my job, I knew I would not be able to pay $52 a pound for anything, let alone tea!

So, since I suddenly had a bit of time on my hands, I studied my favorite teas.  What was in them?  What could I taste, what flavors?  What could I see in them?  Once I had a few ideas, I went shopping at to get the ingredients and start concocting.  It took a couple of tries but I finally got the morning and evening teas I love for a whole lot less.

My morning tea is caffeinated but it does not jangle my nerves or upset my stomach.  Dubbed Mucci’s Mix, it’s a blend of masala and thai chai with some lemon grass and honeybush hazelnut added to round out the flavors.   The spicy and rich flavor makes it a great way to start the day.

Nights used to be troubled for me; sleep came and went but I never had a good night’s sleep, never felt rested.   That “other” company had a blend that was soothing and helped me sleep but I could not afford to buy it, either.

So I created this blend to save money but I also made it to save my sanity!

My evening tea is not only flavorful, it is beautiful.  The garnet color of this tea, called Sweet Sleep, comes from the blood orange which is perked up by the peppermint and rounded out by the lemon grass.  I love this tea and the good night’s sleep it brings with it.    Make a cup and sail into slumber every night.

Stay warm and dry and enjoy the teas and the dollars you save by buying these Adagio blends.


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2 responses to “Get A Good Cup Of Tea at a great price

  1. patsquared2

    It was all you tech heads that turned me on to Never met so many 20-30 somethings drinking tea in my life and grateful to every last one of you. Tea is sooooo civilized.

  2. I too am a fan of Adagio teas. My favorite is their Earl Grey Bravo, but I didn’t know you could blend your own. May have to try that out.

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