Dottie Domestic’s Solar Dryer

Are you looking for a new dryer?  Clothes dryer that is!  I got mine about three months ago, all the way from Ireland.  It is stainless steel with brass accents.  It dries fast but doesn’t shrink the clothes or wear out the fibers.  There is just one hitch. My new dryer is a Breezecatcher – a  4 arm outdoor clothesline!

Described by happy customers (including me) as .. “superior product”…..”a work of art”…. “an excellent design” …..”a thing of beauty”….”superb workmanship”….”better than off the shelf products,” each Breezecatcher is hand-crafted, durable and designed to last.

And the Breezecatcher saves money by saving energy!  My electric bill dropped by $73 the first month I used the Breezecatcher  instead of the clothes dryer.  Every month this summer I have saved between $70 and $80 just by hanging out our clothes.  And I only do 2 loads a week!  Imagine how much a family of 4 could save.

And there is the added advantage of reducing my carbon footprint!  When my small effort is added to the savings of all the people in the United States who used Breezecatchers in 2008, we saved  2,062,500 KWHs or the equivalent of 885 tons of CO2.

And there’s one more advantage to hanging clothes out to dry.  It’s a little old-fashioned but standing outside listening to birds, watching my Westies play, hearing the chickens cluck, brings me real and treasured moments of peace.  There is no noise other than those natural sounds, no media, no, activity – just the birds, the breeze and me.

So consider saving money and saving your sanity by buying a new dryer for your back yard.

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