Shoulder Surgery No Big Deal!

I’m back…sort of.

Still one-armed and will be for about 2 months!

The  rotator cuff was torn in my right shoulder but when they opened up the site, it was the “missing tendon” that got their attention.  The surgeon showed me the arthroscopic image of the shoulder joint sans tendon.   Very interesting…

Sometime during the last 18 to 24 months, the  tendon went on vacation without me!  So my recovery and physical therapy will take a bit longer but I am totally up for that.

Now for the big story.  You know all those people I told you about who felt compelled to tell me their particular horror story about shoulder surgery?  Well, I am here to say it was no big deal.

Okay, the first 4 days were a bit of a blur – thanks to vicodin.  But wearing the Iceman 24 X 7 and taking the pain meds on time really kept me pretty comfortable.   Surgery on Tuesday and by Saturday, I was starting to wake up and pay attention.  Sure, there was some pain but it was totally manageable.

In fact, within one week of surgery, my arm hurt less than it had for over a year!  Now, 2 weeks and 3 days later, I am in physical therapy, doing my “passive exercises” and beginning to feel that I will be fine.

Am I being careful? You bet.  The sling is off about 6 hours a day (twice a day for 3 hours each) but ONLY inside the house.  I do go out to get the mail but even  with two arms and two legs and in good weather, our driveway makes it an adventure.  One-armed, it’s more like climbing a mountain!   shoulder surgery and the driveway.

Still, I am glad to be on the mend.  And glad to be back in my office, at my desk, hacking away at the keyboard!


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9 responses to “Shoulder Surgery No Big Deal!

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  2. Glad to hear you are doing well, Pat. My problem was both rotator cuff repair and subacromial decompression. 6 weeks in sling (all day and all night) left muscles in very poor shape before passive and then weight bearing physio started. 5 months on I’m still having physio but am pain free and have about 90% of pre-problem movement.
    PT is critical and sounds like a bit of gentle keyboard work is hekping you along! Good luck

  3. I had shoulder impingement repaired in May 2008 and am good as new. As I write this, I’ve got an icebag against my left hip, which was fully replaced Feb. 6. Recovery is never as quick as we’d like.

    And kudos to our lovely ortho nurses; we went back to say hello and one of them came over to hug me. Yay!

  4. Eric Engman

    Dear Pat,

    I’m so glad your surgery went well and was less painfull than expected. I may need this procedure done to my left shoulder in the future too. Anyway, good to see you posting again on your blog. Here’s to a quick recovery!


    • patsquared2

      Thanks! Just get the iceman and some strong pain relief and do exactly what they tell you. Also if you are offered it and trust the anesthesiologist, get the nerve block! It works!!

  5. Cathleen

    Great to see you back at the keyboard! Hope your recovery is swift.

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