The Neighbors’ Dogs

I have these neighbors.

Husband, wife and baby boy not yet a year old.  They have dogs  –two, black, yappy Schipperkes.  I sure hope they are taking better care of the baby than they do of their dogs

Richie and the Bride of Frankenstein own about 2 acres.  But that’s just not enough for them or their pets.  The dogs (and the owners) seem to think our yard is their yard.  They traipse all over it.  They crap all over it (the dogs, not the owners).  They bring over fleas and ticks for visits.  They bark and growl at me when I go out in my own yard.

But the owners think this is okay.  No, wait, they think this is funny.

It’s not.

I don’t know if their dogs are licensed.  I can’t be sure they’ve had their shots.  Frankly, because of this free roam policy, I don’t know where the dogs have been.

I own two Westies.  They are licensed, have their shots and get treated for fleas and ticks as does our fence line.  Our dogs only bark if I let them.  If they fail to stop barking when given the command, they get to go inside, alone.  Spike and Harri roam around 3/4s of an acre of fenced yard.

Our dogs are ONLY allowed out of the yard on a leash.  The Schipperkes wouldn’t know a leash if it bit them.

Our state is one of only two that have statewide leash laws.  Dog owners are responsible for controlling their dogs.  That means the dogs are on a leash, in a fenced in yard or in a kennel.  So what’s the problem?  Why don’t I just call animal control and turn them in?

Like it or not, they are our neighbors.  Not close neighbors for a couple of reasons.  We live about an acre away from each other.  We’re not in the same stage of life.  Our daughter is grown. We don’t socialize with each other — partying and drinking beer is not our idea of a good night. But still…they’re neighbors.

I can’t shoot them – the dogs, not the neighbors.  I don’t want a feud.  If my Dad were alive he would say, “Good fences make good neighbors.”  They do but I would hate to have to put a perimeter fence around our 2 1/2 acres just to keep their dogs off our property.

So, what would you do?  I could use any and all ideas.


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6 responses to “The Neighbors’ Dogs

  1. notadawgbeater

    get a grip get a life – its a couple of little dogs seriously maybe you should have a beer and lighten up -fleas and ticks are allover – not being dropped off by the neighbors skipper kees -ey yi yi sounds like you might be the cause of the neighbors drinking problem… the prozac chucking loser – is that how you kept the neighbors kids quiet – what is the matter with you people – really your dogs only bark when you let them ? you are so proper -aren’t you just the perfect neighbor

    • patsquared2

      Hey, thanks for the insightful comment. Other people’s animals (and children now that you mention it)really are their responsibility. I take care of both my children and dogs….I take that responsibility seriously. And yes, I do expect the neighbors to take their responsibility seriously. If they can’t keep two little dogs under control…how will they take care of their child? As to prozac, never took it, never used it for anyone but I’m sure it has its uses. And I have a life, a grip and a refined sense of right and wrong. Perhaps you were looking in the mirror when you wrote this comment.

  2. Rebecca

    The prozac would also cut down on the wandering I’m sure. We had that problem with a former neighbor. As our children were even smaller then they are now, I did inform them that no matter how well-trained or well-liked their dog was, I would call the police if they didn’t keep him away from our property. Fortunately they were not total jerks and did their best after that to keep him under control.

    • patsquared2

      At least we don’t have a small child at risk. But why does it have to come to that? I mean really?? These people have a child. If they can’t take care of their dogs, what will happen to the baby? I really hate this kind of drama but suppose I will have to go to the mat with these guys. Thanks for sharing what happened to you. There is hope.

  3. Kathleen Kowalenko

    I would start throwing hamburger over the fence laced with Prozac. That may at least stop the barking

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