Scamming the Unemployed – Really?

It’s not bad enough that millions of qualified men and women in this country can’t get a job.

It’s not bad enough that, in Pennsylvania, you have to hire a lawyer to arm wrestle with the minions at the unemployment office to get back some of that money that we have paid into the fund over all the years we have worked — 50 in my case.

Now, unemployed people who are seriously looking for jobs are being scammed, big time.

My first encounter with a scammer came when I answered a Craigslist ad for an Administrative Assistant at a busy doctor’s office.  Imagine my surprise when I received an email from someone named David Marks that said, “Your resume was received and it has been reviewed, I did appreciate it. So I will give this a GO.”

But…he needed a bit more information like my first, middle and last names, my street address including city, state and zip, my cell and home phone numbers, my current occupation and my email address.

Hmmmm….if he had really reviewed my resume, wouldn’t he already know all of this information?  First hint that something was just not right.

Then Mr. Marks described how this would work:

  1. He wasn’t in town often so we would only communicate via email.
  2. He didn’t really have an office so I would be  working from home.
  3. He would pay me $785 a week for a part time job.
  4. Work would include doing personal chores, scheduling flights and making, “…regular contacts and drop offs on my behalf.”

Sounds just a bit off – $785 a week for a part time job working for a man I will never meet and making contacts and dropping off…what…on his behalf.  Second hint that this was not a kosher offer.

The final hint that Mr. Marks was a rat-scammer was this incredibly transparent paragraph:

“What i would want you to do for me this week is to run some errands out to some of the orphanage home, I do that every month. A payment in form of a Cashier Check/Money Order will be sent over to you from one of my clients and i have some lists to email you once you received the funds,You will make some arrangements by buying some stuff for the kids in the Orphanage at any nearest store around you so you can mail them out.”

Really?  I don’t know you, have never met you, work out of my home because you don’t have an office and I’m supposed to …run money for you?  Of course, throwing in the orphanage was a nice touch but hello…Mr. Marks…I may want a job but I am not really desperate or stupid.

Today, a more sophisticated scammer than Mr. Marks (hard to imagine, isn’t it?) sent me an email from an Human Resources department for a company that does exist – LDR Distributions – saying they had , “…reviewed your resume and you’re a great match for this position.”  I was to go online and make a formal application.

Great, exciting but…one immediate problem.  When I tried to apply using the link in the email, I kept getting a pop up asking me to fill in an “anti-spam” survey and offering me a chance at gift cards ranging from $100 from the Cheesecake Factory to $1000 from Kohls.  The hair on the back of my neck started rising.

The other problem with this fairly professional attempt to skim my personal information is the type of business LDR is.  This company is a warehouse and distribution company.  I am a 64 year old woman recovering from shoulder surgery.  Would I really apply for a job with them?  Not!  And, because I keep a copy of every ad I answer along with my submission, I was able to prove to myself that I had not fallen, hit my head and applied for the privilege of packing, toting and shipping large packages.

Tips for would be job seekers:

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!  Like getting a part time gig that lets me work from home and get paid $785 a week.
  2. DO NOT include any contact information at all when responding to a blind ad on Craigslist or any other job board unless you know for sure they are a legitimate business engaged in matching employees and employers like Monster or Career Builder.
  3. GOOGLE names, businesses, even job titles and include the word “scam” in the search.  You will quickly discover you are not alone.  There are a lot of people being scammed by some truly low people out there trying to make money off our misfortune.

And keep the faith.  Somewhere out there, there is a job for each and every one of us that truly wants to work.


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13 responses to “Scamming the Unemployed – Really?

  1. Redhead

    I live in Maryland and also have been receiving the ldr email, I just got one today in fact…..glad I read this before I gave them any info…think I’ll still too monster and indeed jobs…..

    • patsquared2

      I have turned into such a skeptic because of this experience but I ave also learned to Google everything BEFORE I open it, reply to it or give away info. Glad this helped you….I am still stunned that our fellow humans think this is a good thing to do.

  2. Dawn

    Yes, I received the LDR Services on my email too…..and filled it out before seeing all of these write ups. Lesson learned the hard way.

    • patsquared2

      I am so sorry that happened to you. I’ve learned to Google anything and everything to see if someone else out there had a similar brush with people like those who are scamming people like you and me. Good luck with your search.

  3. Dollie C

    Great Information! I cannot believe what scammers are doing! I have received at least 3, all with similiar senarios! One even had the gall to put in the message, “I need you to be honest and sincere”! I am livid. I do google, good to know to add the word “scam” though. Thanks for the great information.

    • patsquared2

      What I like about the internet is that we can help each other out, inform each other of scams and maybe just keep one of these crooks from getting our information. Oh, and maybe get a job. Good luck with your search!

    • Jenn

      I too have received a lot of these I don’t even pay them attention for one bc I don’t use craigslist for the simple fact that most things are scams on there . and if I have to fill out an on online app I make sure I am going to the direct website of the company while I am on the phone with the manager in the hr dept or at the company using one of their computers. I do this bc I have been a victim of id theft and I am still tying to get it straightened out and it by my own father. Its true what they say about the military, they do protect their men even if they have just committed a felony. I make sure I take all measures to protect myself I only say this bc I received yet another email from another company that they reviewed my resume and I was a great match for them. I checked the website out and they have no career info on their site at all HMM Sounds like a scam to me ……..

      • patsquared2

        Amazing, isn’t it? I guess if we have one last dime to steal, these guys are out to take it. Sorry you had the same experience but thanks for sharing. If we can keep one other person from falling into the trap, it’s worth it.

  4. patsquared2

    Got another this morning. Someone named Sandy McPeters and cc’ing Gina Thompson HR. SCAM!! On Flaked List, too. Too much money, work at home…DO NOT ENGAGE….this really is a scam.

  5. Pissed off in Charlotte, NC!

    I just received the same email today! It is beyond repulsive that these creatures would want to take advantage of people who are looking for employment. I’m in my mid 20s with a 4 year degree and it upsets me that as hard as I’m trying to earn a living, there are people out there who would rather take advantage of earnest efforts to find decent employment.

    • patsquared2

      Just opened up my email this morning and a new one from someone named Henry Jerry showed up. Same spiel as Marks but a construction company response to a position for a dental office assistant. Duh! Hate these people. And really hope your job search smooths out and you find a place where you can do good work and have a good time.

  6. Joan

    Great info, Pat!

    • patsquared2

      Thanks Joan! I was really surprised when the first scam hit my email box…and a little less surprised with the second one. Just wish people would recognize that it’s hard enough trying to find a job without others making it even harder! Hope you are having a wonderful spring!

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