Shedrow Confessions

This is the story of a beautiful, healthy, former race horse who was sold for slaughter even though there was a viable bid in place to save him, even though this went against the former owner’s wishes.

For all of you who think slaughter is not happening or is “more humane” – this is an article you should read and a blog you should subscribe to.

There are no graphic pictures in this story, just a photo of a beautiful horse, running in his pasture, on a warm sunny day.  Here’s hoping his last few hours and his death were as painless as possible.

Shedrow Confessions.


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2 responses to “Shedrow Confessions

  1. Very disturbing. I know nothing about this whole world, so I learned a great deal from reading the information you linked to. Thank you.

    • patsquared2

      It’s really heartbreaking…but there are come wonderful organizations that are working to try to rescue unwanted horses as well as slow down back yard breeding. I can’t rescue another one but I can buy the calendar from the organization I LOVE in the rescue arena. Check out this post. $19.95 per calendar, all proceeds go to rescue and this group – One Hose At A Time -has not allowed one horse to go to slaughter from the Camelot auction in New Jersey.

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