Most People Are Wonderfu

I fell on the street in Center City Philadelphia, yesterday.

I literally landed on my face.  My left shoulder and elbow and both hands are bruised and sore today.

What isn’t sore today is my heart.  In fact, it is full of thanks for the kindness shown to me by two strangers, two women.  Both rushed to my side as I lay on the road.  Both reached to help me up.  Both smiled, murmured words of kindness and gentility and both helped pick up my purse and the things that flew from it when I landed.

A piece of the gingerbread I was taking to my doctor’s office fell on the street, just one piece.  I asked if the “…:30 second rule” applied.  Then immediately said no – not on a Philadelphia street.  We all laughed.  They helped brush the cinders off my face and shoulder and tentatively asked if I was okay.  One of them walked me into the medical building where Dr. Uberti Benz’s (my dermatologist and another angel) office is.

What exceptional people. What exceptional women.  Neither was in health care; both were seeing their own doctors.  I think both were angels sent to lift me up off the street, sent to touch my soul with theirs.

Sometimes it takes a fall, literal or figurative, to remind you that 99% of the people who share this planet with you are good and kind and caring.



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8 responses to “Most People Are Wonderfu

  1. Glad for the angels and praying that you will heal quickly. Where’s my gingerbread? 😉

    • patsquared2

      Come on up! I would love to bake you some gingerbread and serve it warm with freshly made whipped cream! Secret ingredients in my g-bread are coconut oil for the shortening, stevia instead of sugar and shredded zucchini to make it moist and very tasty!

  2. Lots of kindhearted, compassionate people in this world! Glad to hear it and glad that you aren’t hurt:)

    • patsquared2

      Well, maybe I did bang my head a bit….most people are wonderfu? Oh well, going to let it stand. Thanks Cynthia!

  3. There are so many good people about, it just takes someone in need to bring them to the fore. Hope there’s no lasting damage, Pat.
    Best regards Tony

    • patsquared2

      Thanks Tony! If I had any ego left…I’m guessing it would be bruised a bit but maybe not – I got to meet two lovely souls as I was falling.

  4. Dan

    🙂 a generous estimate of the percentage, but regardless – fine people are in the world. Now, no more “face plants” please….

    • patsquared2

      HEY! Where are you? Still in NC or back home in Wisc?
      It was really weird – that fall. But I did meet two sweet, lovely women who didn’t think twice about stepping into the road and helping me. Will try not to face plant anytime soon. Hope you are well and happy, Dan!

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