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How Creativity Can Be Fostered

If Larry Smith’s TED Talk on why many people fail to get the job they want depressed you, this guy should make you smile.

Smith and Jonah Lehrer, author of a new book on how creativity can be fostered, are looking at two different sides of the same coin.  Smith talks about how fear holds most of us back, makes us settle for “good” jobs instead of great ones.

Lehrer’s view is that all of us have the ability to be entrepreneurs, to have great jobs through our innate creativity.  All of us have voices that whisper answers to thorny work problems or offer up ideas for new products but most of us have forgotten how to listen.

An easy read, Imagine: How Creativity Works is like a door opening inside your mind and inviting ideas to sweep out into the world, ready for the hard work of refining, editing, shifting a bit to one side and polishing them for the marketplace.

Lehrer is also easy to listen to, offers solid information without any buttons or bows and reassures listeners that most of us really do have more than one great idea banging around in our heads; we just have to learn to stop and listen.

He suggests breaking away from the desk, playing ping pong or getting a shower. I have found that mowing the lawn and vacuuming do the same thing – disengage the rational mind that says, “No, that won’t work.” and give our imaginations a chance to come out and play.

Well worth a listen and well worth the $16.00 to buy the book!

Smith says to follow your passion. Lehrer says to listen to yourself, find your idea and start polishing. Both of these men offer insight into our lives that make it possible for us to step out, into this world and make a difference.

Thanks to Colton Perry for the Facebook post, for sharing this lovely approach to letting your creativity come out to play!

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Why you will fail to have a great career | Video on TED.com

This should be the commencement speech at every college this May.

In this funny and ultimately painful TED Talk, Larry Smith explains why most of us fail to get great jobs or even good jobs.  Most of us get what he calls blood sucking, soul destroying jobs

How many of us are looking back over our professional lives right now and know that Smith, a professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo in Canada, is talking right to us?  How many of us looked our one clear passion in the eye…then looked away?

Smith says most of us.

Despite the fact that we want great jobs, we will fail.  Even those who aspire to just having good jobs will fail.   Watch it.  Laugh a little.  Cry a little, too.  Then consider trying to follow your passion.

Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career | Video on TED.com.


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