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Selfie: 2013’s word of the year – latimes.com

Here’s how out of the loop I am…I actually had to look up “selfie” to see what it meant!

Of course, I have not posted a selfie…I haven’t even taken one.  But I do love the pictures that people share of themselves.  And I really love the openness the Internet has created.

I currently consider two women authors among my small (and I do mean small) circle of friends.  I emailed with Rita Reynolds for 6 years before I ever met her.  I Facebook with Crescent Dragonwagon, haven’t met her yet but love the person that she is.

Despite the geographical distance, these  two women have become as close as sisters.  That’s what I love about the technology we have available today.  Some people says it separates us; some say it’s dangerous.  I just think the Internet is like any other tool, the power it has depends on the hands and minds that are using it.

Think of Salman Kahn, founder of the Kahn Academy. Or consider Geoffrey Canada whose Harlem project turned a school, a neighborhood and a whole lot of lives around.  Consider our President, Barack Obama, who reaches out to a nation through technology unheard of by earlier administrations.

Selfies are a beautiful idea.  Who knows? Maybe, one day I will post one!

Selfie: 2013s word of the year – latimes.com.


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