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Bernie Sanders Storms the Senate Floor and Challenges Congress’ Koch Whores

Please listen to Senator Bernie Sanders.  He is talking about the gap between the very rich – 400 people – and very poor people – 150 million of them.  The gap between rich and poor is widening, rapidly. And the middle class is disappearing.  We are becoming an oligarchy.

Bernie Sanders Storms the Senate Floor and Challenges Congress’ Koch Whores.

If we don’t speak up, fight back, we will continue to lose ground faster every day.  Please share with your friends.

Let our voices join Senator Sanders and tell our elected officials we want it to change.  They work for us.  They should listen to us.

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School Board Voting for Taxation Without Representation in Upper Oxford Pennsylvania

If we were black or all over the age of 60, we could claim discrimination and body slam the elected — that’s right elected – members of the Oxford School District with a law suit that would stop the redistricting scheme in a heartbeat.

But we’re not all black, not all over 60  We are simply more than 2,500 taxpayers who get hit with a school tax bill  paying in the mid to high $6,000 range every year.  And we are about to lose ANY representation on the school board.

This is America, you say,  Taxation without representation is why we fought the Revolutionary War, you add.  This cannot be happening in this sleepy, ruburb community.

It is.

Oxford School Board Member Joe Scheese presented the resolution saying the current division of the district into 3 regions was, “…very skewed and out of balance.”

Scheese wants board members to be elected at large –  all 9 of them.  And taxpayers in the respective districts would NOT be able to vote for specific representatives who live in their township, know their issues and can represent the people and problems specific to Upper Oxford, effectively.

If Scheese feels that we don’t deserve representation, then perhaps he, and the School Board, can do without the tax dollars of the 2,484 people they propose to disenfranchise.  Conservatively speaking, that’s only $1,242,000.

Cut us out of the process if you must but give us back our hard-earned money if you do.  No one should have to pay for being railroaded by an elected official, no one.

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