Blogging Is Easy…Or Is It?

Blogging…everybody is doing it but not all of us are good at it or persistent about it.

So what?

One thing you learn when you work for an Internet marketing company is that marketing — whatever form it takes — has to be done early and often and over and over again!    Blogging is a natural for marketing because anybody can set one up and almost all of us have opinions on or are passionate about something.

It turns out that setting up a blog is the easiest part of the whole process.  Know what’s the hardest?  Finding something to say after the first few weeks of impassioned posting.  At some point, even the most dedicated blogger will face the morning or moment when nothing is flying off her fingertips; the screen remains blank and so does her mind.

How do you overcome bloggers block?  If you blog on WordPress, you can take advantage of a neat little tool that helps you to capture stray thoughts and ideas and store them until just that moment when you finally have nothing to say.  Check out — a plug in that helps you save, sort and manage those ideas so they are ready when you are!

Then sit down at your keyboard with confidence and pump out your next blog.

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