When A Writer Runs Scared

Fear!  How is it possible that an experienced, mature writer can be struck by knee-knocking, palm sweating fear about submitting her writing?

It has struck me and struck me hard despite the fact that I have written for 30 years and been published that long, writing for magazines, papers, companies and venture capitalist.  My tween novel is done.  All the final edits came in from my proofreader and in the manuscript but it is still sitting on my desk.  The “why” is easy.

Rejection.  I don’t handle it well and this is a big opportunity for rejection — my first novel.

The query letter will be written today and the manuscript will be sent to the publisher of choice, tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


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3 responses to “When A Writer Runs Scared

  1. Good luck! Just do it. Seriously, you’ve been through worse than this would ever be. You made it through that, you’ll make it through this.

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretsky

    • As a fellow writer, I do understand why you would feel that way. As I write, I am going through the same thing myself. I had already decided on today–this day–as the day to show two sections of my finished, middle grade novel, featuring therapeutic riding, to the program directors at the two facilities where I did my research. (Horses, I’m very familiar with. The therapeutic aspect, and how the facilities handle it, not at all). I want to be sure the two incidents are realistic and not offensive. There had to be a pivotal moment for the main character, so I put her in a situation that would keep the readers’ interest. I want to be very sure it isn’t over the top, and the way to do so is to ask at the source.
      Once that’s done (this week whenever they can meet with me), out goes the query letter and whatever else the publisher requires.

      So, yes. Once your presentation materials are the very best you can make them, just send them. Then get very busy with the next project in line. You know all of that, I’m sure. I’m just learning, which probably is obvious. I wish you the Best!

      • patsquared2

        Thanks for the encouragement and sharing your own ideas and worries. Writing is easy; publishing is hard. Here’s hoping your novel becomes a huge success!

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