What Makes A Writer Run

I was standing in a store yesterday waiting while someone tried to figure out how to mail the manuscript for my first novel to a publisher in Canada when, suddenly, right there, my next novel started to write itself.

Granted, I have had the idea and the high level outline for this one in my head for about 9 months but my character was strangely quiet. Then, while watching the various characters come in and out of this store, each with his or her own story, each wearing their hopes and dreams on their faces, Trish started to speak and I was ready for her.

One thing a writer is NEVER without is pen and paper so I whipped out my pad and wrote the words as fast as I could, barely keeping up with her/me. If you want to write, carry the gear. Guess why?

Because the way it comes into your head the first time you hear it is almost always the best way to write it! Even 15 minutes later, chances are you just won’t be able to capture the thought, the words, the scene the same way. And believe me, there is nothing worse than trying to remember the moment of inspiration.

So be prepared, listen and when the talking starts….start writing!


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4 responses to “What Makes A Writer Run

  1. Good advice. I suppose a voice recorder would work, too, but would maybe draw more attention to yourself.

    • patsquared2

      Hey you.
      How are you doing? Hope life is smooth and sweet for you. Running a little rough up here but holding on.

      Recorders are nice but I frequently find myself reaching for pen and paper….guess I like the sound of the pen passing words over through my hand.

  2. Yeah, my fiance bought me a pack of little tiny notebooks after I was caught out in public without one and heard “the voices” talking in my head. 😉 It’s better than me looking like a pup doing the potty dance, dragging him to every store that might possibly sell paper.

    • patsquared2

      Hope the voices are telling you good things to write down. I ALWAYS pack a notebook or almost always. On those rare occasions when I don’t have one, I have written on my hand, the center column of the steering wheel and, I hate to admit it, the owner’s manual of my car!

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