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Preparing for Your Inner Journey | The Chopra Center

Sometimes things happen that we think are random.

But most of the time, it’s the universe, speaking clearly to us.

As you may know, I have been taking Deepak Chopra’s and Orpah’s 21 day meditation. Once I finished, I started receiving emails with gifts – 7 days of them. One was for a new meditation series – Awaken to Happiness, which I started today.

This series is free, too. Each lesson takes a week of learning…growing and starting to see – beginning with exploring happiness and identifying your true source of happiness.

Today, the first day, the universe sent me to an article by Caroline Myss – an article about taking a journey inward to learn more about my self, my ego, my reactions and my life.

Since it is the first day of a new year and since I consider this article to be a gift from the universe, I wanted to share it with anyone who wants to begin a new year with a new journey – one that can quiet the noise of always needing
“…just a bit more” whether it’s stuff, money or ego boosting.

I wish everyone the best in 2014 and hope that you might want to join me as I begin to journey into what really makes me happy – who really makes me happy, as I begin to discover the wonderful spirit that lives inside my skin — my soul.


Preparing for Your Inner Journey | The Chopra Center.


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Project 365 – Teach A Person To FIsh

What is that old saying, “Give  a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.”

I think that’s why I find what Heifer International does every day, across the globe, to be world changing.  And yes, I have written about this organization before but when there are so many lives changed, so many communities lifted out of poverty, I cannot ignore them.

Heifer International deserves all the attention it gets.  Why?

You can read all about the organization.  Or, if you’re into short stories, watch this brief video clip to find out.  (Heifer has been doing this so long and so well, it can explain how it works in exactly 1 minute.)

So, this organization doesn’t arrive with boxes of food and measuring cups.  They arrive with livestock – goats, cattle, water buffalo, chickens, ducks, even bees.  And they don’t just drop the animals off and drive away.

Heifer works with the community, creating a development plan, choosing recipients carefully and providing all the training needed including animal husbandry, water quality and ecologically sound agricultural practices.

People who receive livestock are also expected to raise crops needed to feed their animals, to become self-supporting. And all recipients become donors – passing on offspring to other members in the community or village. The objective is  to help feed hungry people but also, to create sustainable growth.  (They’ve got a short video about this, too.)

Heifer is truly teaching men and women to fish.

Started in 1939 by a relief worker named Dan West, Heifer International has helped more than 12 million families and a total of 62 million men, women and children.  One man’s simple idea –giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief — hasn’t changed since he took the first shipment of cattle to Puerto Rico in 1944.  It is alive and helping people in 128 countries around the world including the United States.

That’s why I love this organization, I support them instead of typical relief organizations and, yes, I write about them.  But they are literally changing the world.  For as little as $20.00 you can buy a flock of chicks or ducklings and start changing the world, too.

If you know any  other people in your town or city who are helping others, please send me the name of the group and any info you want to share and I will do the rest.

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Project 365 – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In the heart of Oxford, Pennsylvania there is a place that offers a lifeline to people in need.

Neighborhood Services Center (NSC) is a small operation with a small staff but the service that it provides is big, especially to people living and working in this rural area and especially in the current economic times.

Founded in 1971, NSC doesn’t have counselors on staff; it doesn’t offer typical social service programs.  What NSC offers is far more valuable.  It offers connections – links between people who need services and people who provide them.

According to its website, this privately run, non-profit is still focused on its original goal of assisting people to achieve health, wholeness and stability in their lives by:

  • Establishing a link between people who want to reach out to help others.
  • Offering people with questions, problems or emergency needs a place to explore options and/or find answers.
  • Providing space for county agencies and community programs to deliver services directly to people.

People who come to NSC for help can also receive emergency assistance services like food, clothing, rent and utility assistance.

NSC relies on funding from 4 other regional agencies — United Way of Southern Chester County, Chester County’s Department of Human Services, the Health and Welfare Foundation of Southern Chester County and the Oxford Area Civic Association.  It also relies heavily on volunteers who put in thousands of hours a year to ensure help is available when and where it’s needed.

NSC is not sexy.  It’s not going to make headlines nor is it going to be featured on national television.  But it is going to continue its 40 year tradition of providing help, advice and resources to the people who live in and near its office.

From my chair, this agency and the people behind it belong on the list of 365 people who are helping to change the world.

Know any other people in your town or city who are helping others?  Send me the name of the group and any info you want to share and I will do the rest.

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Project 365 – Sunday Breakfast Mission

The Sunday Breakfast Mission started over a hundred years ago with one small objective – get tramps off the street and into church.

Founded in 1893 by the Christian Endeavor Society of Wilmington, today, the mission is still faith-based. But its purpose has grown well beyond preaching to and feeding homeless and jobless men in Delaware.

In 2010, this charity served more than 200,000 meals to hungry men, women and children and provided shelter for close to 300 people.  The numbers aren’t in for 2011 but an educated guess says they went up.

Many people still think that missions like this one serve what some consider the “dregs” of society, homeless, jobless, alcoholics or drug users who are only interested in free handouts. Delaware Online TV found that the people who come to The Sunday Breakfast Mission may be down on their luck but they’re also people just like you and me.

Many of The Sunday Breakfast Mission’s clients are victims of today’s economy. As layoffs rise and unemployment runs out, the need for and the work of this mission continue to grow.

Reverend Thomas Laymon, President and CEO, is the driving force behind the mission but he has a significant team of people — employees and volunteers – who help get the work done, work that has expanded well beyond providing food and shelter.

Today, this community-based charity offers job training, educational assistance, healthcare, parenting and life skills training and more.

These are the tangible services the The Sunday Breakfast Mission provides. The intangible given to everyone, no matter what their story, is hope.

That’s why this operation is on my list of people who are helping to change the world, one person, one child, one family at a time.

If you know someone who is working to make a difference in the world, please let me know! I would love to share their work and thank them for their effort.


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Project 365 – I AM by Tom Shadyac

I was thinking about joining the WordPress 365 challenge.  Mulling over what I would like to send out the world every day in 2012, it occurred to me that I could share 365 ideas to make the world a better place. Instead, I would like to share 365 extraordinary people who are doing something to make the world a better place.

While I am a day late (not unusual), I would like to share my first inspiration – a man and his film – and ask that you watch both, closely.

Borne of his own near-death experience, Hollywood Director Tom Shadyac (Liar Liar, Patch Adams, The Nutty Professor) has put together a symphony of thoughts, ideas, inspirations and images that could just start changing the world we live in. Check out the trailer. Then download the film. I promise you, you will not be disappointed and you may just be inspired.

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